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WordPress Hosting Review

I get asked on a regular basis about WordPress hosting and I decided to finally put it all together in a WordPress Hosting Review over on Likoma. I’ve used so many hosts over the years, many good, some excellent, some just plain terrible. Some go away, others are around for the long haul. Some get nasty reviews in the press, some even for what their CEO’s are doing in Africa …

But it comes down to speed and reliability. You need your site to load quickly and you need it to load period. Please note, sites go down, they will always go down. A server is just a computer somewhere and hardware fails and burns and conks out. It just happens. Hopefully the techs behind the scenes have support in place to get it up and running again as soon as possible.

So head on over to the WordPress Hosting Review and hopefully it’ll help you decide if you’re looking for a host or looking to change hosts.


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